Natural Balance’s world is encompassed by nine energies. Eight of which are associated to a specific aspect and the last one is unconditionally neutral. Many, but not all, of the living and non-living things on this planet have a direct connection to an aspect. In the more exceptional cases, entities have the ability to control their aligned energy. The most notable users are the Elementals, who align with the energy aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, or Water, and the Primals, whose energy aspects consist of Poison, Frequency, Blood, or Disease.

As the quantity and abilities of these manipulators grew, it created rippling side effects that began to impact the stability of opposing energies. Eventually altercations began as each race tried to maintain their own declining energy. Over time the energy levels became so dire that the deities, who ruled over their own energy, began to intervene by summoning champions to protect the life sustaining supplies. Thus began an all out war across the entire planet in an attempt to restore a more natural balance.


Each player has the ability to actively or passively help or hinder these energy levels while performing various actions, be it by using a cistern, disposing of an opposing faction, completing a quest, or using the transportation system, for some examples. When there is too much of an imbalance in an energy, events occur for everyone who is playing at that moment. And since players can have characters on both sides, it creates a never ending struggle that produces unscripted results to support long-term replayability. These energy changes occur passively while the player progresses through any story or end-game content.