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Game Overview

Natural Balance: Chronicles is a single player Action RPG mini-series that will ultimately comprise of four chapters. Each release will allow you to experience two stories that revolve around a pair of natural enemies.

The first game in the series is about the personal struggles between a fire wielding Pyrokin Elemental and a disease using Virnox Primal as they personally struggle with the hostile implications caused by each faction trying to maintain their respective energy levels.

Through their bitter tales you will need to explore the vast regions of their savage, alien world. In addition to handling your enemies, you will also battle wild creatures, learn of the mysterious planet, and find items that will help you to survive … all while trying to maintain a healthy balance to the connected energy of your selected race.

Unique Features


Additional Information

LATEST STATUS: 18 May 2020 – With out First Look Trailer launched, we have returned to core game development. This work now includes bring GeForce’s RTX (ray tracing) technology into the game. Once RTX support is added, our next major goal is to create a playable demo. It will be announced once it is ready.

Development Screenshots

Some screenshots may show work in progress that will not represent the final intended product

Topid Valley
Lesser Fire Cistern
Magma Canyon
Cave Teaser
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